The Razmig Show

“The Razmig Show” video blog started in in 2006 out of boredom and a 5 megapixel digital camera as a parody of vloggers dominating YouTube at the time. The show eventually evolved into a full-fledged single camera mockumentary following the trials and tribulations of Razmig and the various people he encountered. The first season (2006) took place entirely in his dorm, season two (2006-07) saw vast improvements in editing. Season 3 (2007-08) is highlighted by an improvement in story telling, however the show found it’s voice in Season 4 (2009), which took place in New York. Season 5 (2010-11) was the defining year, as the show reached peak quality in both storytelling and presentation. The show went on hiatus after 2011 but returned in 2015 to see it’s most successful year with over 63k views. In it’s 7th season, produces 4 episodes per year with episode 52 expected to drop in January 2016.

Most Recent Episode: