I was talking to a comedian and close friend of mine about how hilarious BlackPeopleMeet.com was, which started after we kept seeing the city of LA covered with billboards for ChristianMingle.com…and I got to thinking…is there a white people specific dating website? What if there was? Would this be considered racist? I mean, there are many dating websites devoted to specific cultures…but none of those are considered racist. So I took the initiative and produced a commercial…and here it is:

The site itself exists, you can check it out here: www.whitesonlydating.com


9 thoughts on “WhitesOnlyDating.com…

  1. That’s funny considering that you’re not white.

    You must think you’re white to make a parody like that?

    I think something more proper would be Arabicpeoplemeet.com.

    Don’t you?

    Glass houses buddy.

    1. How interesting of you to assume I’m Arabic…simply because I’m not.
      I guess that means my glass house will remain standing,
      Good effort though!

      1. Well you certainly aren’t white! You’re a mutt at best.

        How about muttsonlydating.com?

        People like you give white people a bad name, you do not represent us.

        1. Uhh…yeah, it’s not like I’ve been writing sketch comedy for almost a decade now?

          and for the record, I’m Central Eurasian, which makes me…White! OMG!

          Keep up the ignorance bro!

  2. I see absolutely nothing offensive about white only dating cites if there are black looking for black sites, Christian cites, LGBT sites, and on and on. Christian, African American, LGBT, or any other group with which an individual identifies and wants to apply their identity to something as personal as dating just shows their attraction is personal. For those who are open to meeting other faiths, or ethnic backgrounds, there is still Match.com Eharmony, and plenty of others, including OURTIME.COM for over 50s.. We aren’t talking about whites only jobs,, or whites only houses for sale or whites only country clubs. Dating is too personal !! I don’t want spend a lot of time sifting out individuals who belong to groups I am not interested in and I doubt most of those individuals want to date me either. I already spend more time than I want to on weeding out the guys in wife beater shirts, scraggly beards and ears with so many piercings they look like shower curtain rods. I know who I’m not interested in dating; I”m not gay, I’m not black or asian, I don’t have the IQ of a Mensa member either. I think that rather than a message of “You don’t belong; go be with your own kind” I think the message is in this case iis a more concentrated population of people with similar interests to yours.. I hope no-one takes offense; it is meant to be a live and let live message. But sadly there will always be those who want to take the offense.

  3. I see nothing offensive about white dating sites. There are black, Christian, LGBT, over 50 dating sites that are very helpful and save time wasted sifting through groups I would not be interested in dating, which is a very personal decision. I happen to be white, and I still have to weed out the white men attired in wife beater shirts with scraggly beards, missing teeth, and ears with so many piercings they look like shower curtain rods!. this is a live and let live message, not one of hatred. The comment using the term “Mutt” is offensive to me. I don’t like humans being compared to animal breeding. In fact white in and of itself is not a race per sé; it just refers to individuals whose ancestry is in central European countries. Norwegians do not identify with the French-Italian and it is ridiculous to make such generalizations.

  4. I wrote a very well thought out argument in favor of whites dating cites as one time saving option for a very personal decision and I got an automated message “duplicate message detected.” So, I guess we have a First Amendment UNLESS it conflicts with your opinion.

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