Sequoia National Park | Talking Cars

I visited the Sequoia National Park this weekend with my Dad. There was some confusion, as I thought I was going to Big Sur but I suppose I’ll have to go another time…I wasn’t driving after all. Definitely an exciting experience though. Got to see some of the worlds largest trees, went spelunking, saw a bear, and got some great shots. Here is a Western (Blue-Belly) Fence Lizard giving me it’s good side. What a diva.

I will post some more photos later, as I’ve got a lot to go through. I also want to try getting a video shot this week. A bit less comedy, more editorial. I know my YouTube account has sort of strayed from “the show” and sketch comedy…but sketches are next on my plate. First, I’ve been meaning to do a show where I just talk about things I like. Specifically videogames. I really like videogames.

Anyway, I’ve posted a new Talkin’ ‘Bout Cars! A bit different, but I’m trying to make it work. Give it a watching if you’ve got a moment.

Oh. I’m also going to be that guy and point out I’ve topped out at 487 Twitter followers. I’ve had Twitter forever but never really made an effort to “make it a thing” but if you’ve got one and aren’t already…follow me. I like round numbers is all. I swear. @razmig.


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