Small update.

How’s it going! Obviously you can’t answer that, as this is my personal blog. Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been doing some light sightseeing. I went on a trip to San Francisco a week ago, I didn’t have my camera with me…but I did haveĀ instagram. I constantly send these posts to my tumblr as well, I apologize for the plugging of my social media accounts…actually I don’t, because this is totally my website. I love taking photos of things other than cats and food, despite those being insanely popular, you should totally check out some of my shots.

Anyway, I’m currently doing some math and putting together what could potentially be a new web series! This series would be nothing like my others, as it’d be more “unscripted review-y” and less “original sketch comedy-y” but we’ll see how it goes. I produced an episode a good 7 months ago but I wasn’t happy with it. I’ve since decided instead of being stupid and sitting on what could eventually grow into a solid series, I should just work with what I’ve got and…you know…post it so it can actually grow.

With that said, I’m hoping to have some videos up within the coming month. I did post a rap video called I Need a Job, which has now hit about 10k in views…way more than I anticipated.

I also attended Harmontown yesterday. It was spectacular and I highly recommend it. That about wraps it up for me. See you in like a month, since I suck at posting.


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