Week two.

Alright, so I lied. It’s been two weeks and a day. Thanksgiving was last week, so the job hunt thing slowed down a bit with no new postings going up. I decided maybe I should take it a little easier on myself so I decided I’d purchase a growler from Port Brewing Company. I got the delicious Killer Dana IPA. I have to say, I dig California brews. So hoppy. So bitter. Exactly how I like my beer. While out my family took me to La Jolla Cove to see some sea lions. I brought out the DSLR and snapped these.

I’m still trying to get used to this thing, but I’ve been reading the manual and definitely getting better with it. On Monday I took my written license test at the DMV and passed. I honestly felt like I was taking the SAT. I had to go back and reread questions a few times since everything was worded in such a weird way. This was also my first test in a long time, I forgot how much I dislike them. I’d take a presentation over an exam any day. I’m a visual dude.

So I want to keep this brief so here is a quick run down of my visit to Los Angeles. On Monday I saw the Naïve Thieves perform at the Silverlake Lounge a long with some other bands. The show was hosted by DC Pierson (of Derrick Comedy). We bumped into him at the door and didn’t even recognize him, not until he hit the stage…and said his name. It was awesome, there was a comedic music act, Charlene Yi was performing but I missed her set. Overall, good music, good laughs, and good times.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I did some touristy stuff except this time I’m a resident, so I actually tried to learn the city. Weird how you can go somewhere on vacation a bunch but still have no understanding of where you are. Totally eye opening. Some photos of these travels are posted on my tumblr and flickr. I finally got a response for a job, which definitely boosted my job hunting spirits. I’m back home now and am planning on continuing the job search and hopefully getting some writing done. Also, I love backgammon. Here is a photo of a sunset.



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